Who should have a Body Composition Analysis (BCA)?

BCA’s are for people who are committed to improving their health, physical fitness and overall well-being. Whether you are an athlete monitoring your training, a body builder or someone just trying to improve their fitness or achieve a healthy body weight; a body composition analysis is an invaluable tool to help you set, monitor and achieve your goals.

  • Gym goers
  • Athletes
  • Weight loss participants
  • Body builders
  • Rehabilitation participants
  • Sports people
  • Older persons

Generally, anybody who has an overall interest in their health should consider having a Body Composition Analysis.


BCA’s are great for

  • establishing a baseline for the current status of your body and health
  • allowing you to set specific goals and formulate an action plan
  • motivating and monitoring your progress towards those goals
  • early identification of plateaus
  • ensuring that your action plan is providing the desired results


Rehabilitation uses

Due to our comprehensive reports providing detail on muscle and fat distribution, and precise circumferences of key body parts, our technology is highly beneficial for evaluating body balance and symmetry and guiding rehabilitation patients towards equilibrium within their bodies.

For example, our report compares kg of muscle from left leg to right leg, left arm to right arm and circumferences of limbs and other key body segments.


Who else can benefit from our services?

We tailor a variety of programs to suit organisations of all types and sizes.

Corporate bodies concerned with the wellbeing of their staff:

  • Health and wellness checks via Body Composition Analysis and Blood Pressure testing
  • Motivational challenges to improve the wellbeing of your staff
  • A fun way to educate and provide a healthy perspective about their body composition

Sporting Clubs and Community groups

  • Fitness monitoring
  • Performance Enticement
  • Challenges and Fundraising

Gyms, Health and Fitness Clubs, PT studios, fitness groups

  • Progress / fitness monitoring
  • Motivational challenges 
  • Increased motivation and commitment
  • Allows for detailed evaluation of training and nutrition efficacy

Due to the comprehensive series of results, BCA’s have a variety of uses in a wide range of settings.  Corporate sector, clubs, families, health professionals, athletes, nutrition programs and weight loss groups can all gain significant benefit from SABA’s services. Contact us to find out how we can support you.



Why should I have an InBody 570 Body Composition Analysis with SA Body Analysis?

SABA provide the latest and clinically proven technology to provide the most accurate mobile body composition analysis in South Australia.  With a high level of clinical reproducibility, InBody patented technology is reliable and quick.  We provide a convenient and accessible way of precisely monitoring changes in your body composition which takes less than 2 minutes and all you need to remove is your shoes and socks!

With each personal analysis we take the time to explain your results in detail, so that you leave us with complete understanding of your body composition.

We are committed to providing ongoing support to all our clients.

Read what independent magazine Shape have to say about the best and worst ways to measure body fat.

Limitations of other methods?mass building body composition test



Scales provide just one number, not a breakdown of your body with regards to muscle, fat, water and minerals; as such are not really an alternative to Body Composition Analysis.  The lack of detail that scales provide can be frustrating and will likely mislead you as to how your body is changing.  You may be losing weight but is it Muscle? Water? Fat? Not losing weight? Perhaps your muscle and water have increased whilst fat may have reduced?  Stop the guessing game - find out what’s happening with certainty with SA Body Analysis.


BODY FAT SCALES AND HANDHELD BIA DEVICESFat measurement body analysis.Dexa body fat percentage

 Bodyfat scales are known to be inaccurate as they rely on pre-programmed statistical data such as age, gender and body type.  This is also known as empirical data.  These devices don’t just measure you. They include data from population surveys - so change your age and gender and you will receive a different result.  Change the input of body type (eg regular or athletic) and you will receive a different result.

With SA Body Analysis, our InBody technology measures you and only you – no estimates, no statistics, no assumptions. Just your body.



There are many sources of error with this technique.  First, the technique is highly sensitive to how skilled the technician is and improper technique can introduce error into the results.  Another source of error is in the equation used to predict body density.   An equation is only valid when testing people similar to the people used to develop the equation in the first place. Studies have shown that results will often be highly variable if the same person is tested by different technicians.

The skin fold test is also intrusive and can be uncomfortable.  Many people are just not confident enough to expose their bodies to their trainer.


DEXA / DXA  (Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry)

DEXA scans are a form of x-ray and are known to be the ‘gold standard’ of body composition analysis. However, you are exposed to radiation every time you have the test.  Also important to note is that whilst you will get details of your muscle mass, body fat and bone density, SABA’s reports provide much more information. 

Unlike the InBody 570, DEXA does not provide information regarding your body water which can change rapidly in conjunction with changes to your body composition. SABA’s reports also provide circumferences of key body parts thus providing a visual assessment of symmetry.


InBody technology is very precise, we are much more affordable and come to you!

We look forward to seeing you soon.