The InBody 570 - Body Composition Analysis in 4 steps. Blood Pressure, Height, body composition analysis, detailed printed report THE PROCESS

SA Body Analysis uses only proven InBody technology to provide your detailed Body Composition Analysis in a 4 step process. 

  1. Optional Blood Pressure test using the InBody BPBIO 320
  2. Measure height on the digital InBody BSM 370 Stadiometer
  3. Body Composition Analysis on the InBody 570
  4. Detailed printed report produced (see “What”)

This process takes less than 2 minutes (or about 3 minutes with blood pressure test included). We then take the time to provide you with a detailed explanation of your results and provide you with an Interpretation Guide for future reference. Your results are confidentially stored in our database. This enables us to provide a tracking service with ongoing support, to better enable you to monitor your progress.


THE TECHNOLOGYInbody 570 uses Direct Segmental Measurement Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (DSM-BIA)

The InBody 570 uses Direct Segmental Measurement Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (DSM-BIA) which is a patented technology.

The following video shows the evolution of BIA technology.

Importantly, the InBody measures you and only you.  No statistical or population data (empirical data) is used to determine your results like other inferior BIA technology.  There is no guesswork, no assumptions, just you. 



Five cylinder body compostition scanning for accurate fat measurement


The InBody technology precisely measures the impedance (resistance to alternating electric currents) of the body as 5 separate cylinders ( 2 arms, 2 legs and trunk / torso).

This latest measurement concept, measures the resistance of the cross point of two flows and takes the resistance values of each segment (arms, legs and trunk / torso).

It is important that the trunk or torso is directly measured as it is occupied by various internal organs and its metabolic characteristics are different to other parts of the body and therefore has very low resistance in comparison to the limbs.

The InBody technology is of high precision due to the simultaneous use of a set of high and low frequencies. Multi-frequencies allow the measurement of total body water (both intra- and extra-cellular water).

InBody uses a patented 8 point system of thumb point and palm technology which separates the current and voltage Inbody uses a patented 8 point system of thumb point and palm technology starting point, thus measurement always begins at a fixed point in the wrist and ankles.

The data is highly reproducible due to these fixed measuring points which do not allow variance should a different foot or hand position be used on subsequent tests.

Clinical reliability has been proven in numerous articles and over 50 patents have been registered around the world to protect this precise technology.

The InBody 570 is a registered medical device that is included in the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods – ARTG Number 207297.

InBody’s body composition data delivers research-level results and has therefore been utilised in thousands of studies to accurately track changes in body composition.